Research shows iPhone ownership proves you are rich

iPhone is a popular product and recent research has shown that owning Apple devices also shows the owner’s income.

In the US, owning your Apple iPhone or iPad device proves you are capable of making quite a bit of money.

This is a report recently published by the National Bureau of Economic Research of economists from the University of Chicago, Marianne Bertrand and Emir Kamenica. Accordingly, owning an iPhone can help them determine that 69% of owners have “high incomes”.

Results table of the research group of economists.

According to research, iPhone reflects relatively accurately on the level of income of the owner. Prior to the iPhone, in 2004, the use of Land O ‘Lakes and Kikkoman’s avocado also showed a high level of income. Meanwhile, in 1992, Gray Poupon was the most obvious sign of a wealthy family.

iPhone usually has higher prices relative to its competitors. While the Android phone companies have started selling the machines under $ 100, Apple has recently raised the price of the latest iPhone up to $ 1,000.

The researchers used data from Mediamark Research Intelligence with a sample size of 6,394. The questionnaire includes many personal information as well as income.

It can be seen, though not quite accurate, but the high price of the new iPhone also reflects a portion of the income of their owners.

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